Float control valve

Model : 100HCV

Brand : aikon

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Float Control Valve is used to maintain a pre-set point water level,The float pilot will shut off when water level rises to high level, and open.When water level drops.The float ball can be mounted separately in the water tank or with the main valve.

  • Accurate and Repeatable Level Control
  • On-Off Non-Modulating Action
  • Fully Adjustable High and Low Level Settings
  • Simple Design, Proven Reliable
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance

  The Aikon 100HCV Float Valve is a non-modulating valve that accurately controls the liquid level in tanks. This valve is designed to open fully when the liquid level reaches a pre-set low point and close drip-tight when the level reaches a preset high point.

  This is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm valve with the pilot control and float mechanism mounted on the cover of the main valve. The float positions the pilot control to close the valve when the float contacts the upper stop. The high and low liquid levels are adjusted by positioning the stop collars on the float rod.

Pressure class and flange standard option

Flange standard:DIN, ANSI, JIS

Pressure class:

PN10, PN16, PN25

ANSI Class125, Class150 , Class300

When ordering ,please Specify:

1.Valve Size

2.Vlave pressure class

3.Vlave flange standard

4. Vlave material

5. Float Ball Materia

6. Float Rod Material and Length

7.When vertical installed

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