Pressure Relief/Sustaining Valve

Model : 500HCV

Brand : aikon

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A hydraulically operated and controlled pilot valve,Use for urban water supply and industrial, agricultural water transmission lines, etc

  • Accurate Pressure Control
  • Optional Check Feature
  • Fast Opening to Maintain Line Pressure
  • Slow Closing to Prevents Surges
  • Completely Automatic Operation

  The Aikon 500HCV Pressure Relief Valve is actuated by line pressure through a pilot control system, opening fast to maintain steady line pressure but closing gradually to prevent surges.

  Operation is completely automatic and pressure settings may be easily changed. This valve can be used for pressure relief, pressure sustaining, back pressure, or unloading functions in a bypass system.If a check feature is added, and a pressure reversal occurs, the downstream pressure is admitted into the main valve cover chamber,closing the valve to prevent return flow.

Pressure Relief application

  This fast opening, slow closing relief valve provides system protection against high pressure surges on pump start up and pump shut down by dissipating the excess pressure to a safe location.

Pressure Sustaining Service

  When installed in a line between an upper zone and a lower area of heavy demand, the valve acts to maintain desired upstreampressure to prevent "robbing" of the upper zone. Water in excessof pressure setting is allowed to flow to an area of heavy demand,control is smooth, and pressure regulation is positive.


Pressure class and flange standard option

Flange standard:DIN, ANSI, JIS

Pressure class:

PN10, PN16, PN25

ANSI Class125, Class150 , Class300

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