HMI screen for VFD control cabinet

Model : PD HMI

Brand : aikon

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The software is a new configuration software product developed by our R&D team for three years. It was produced with more than ten years of technical experience and accumulation based on sufficient practices on man-machine interface product development and field actualization. We believe you will feel our specialization and concentration when you use this software.

  • Use for VFD control cabinet specially
  • Project download and upload
  • Quick Start
  • Easy operation with our instruction
  • Password protection


Electrical connection of the screen

1.Connect to the power supply

    The rated voltage of the screen is DC18~28V, and DC24V power supply is recommended. The interface is at the back, as shown in Fig. 1, the24V+is connected toDC24V, the24V-(or "0V") is connected to GND. If the field is involved with a high interference, a highly reliable earth must be connected to theFGport. (Note: FG- Frame Ground, the reference grounding for the metal shell frame and the DC end.)

2.Connect to the computer

   The screen can be connected to the computer only via a USB data cable for project uploading and downloading, as shown in Fig. 2.The communication with computer can be realized when it is connected to the USB SLAVEend. The USB communication drive can be installed by the system in default during software installation, or the drive can be manually installed if it is damaged.

More Informaiton

How to get latest project?

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Project for 3 pumps without DTU Ver.B.0116.001 


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