ASME B73.1 End suction centrifugal pump

Model : SMB

Brand : aikon

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SMB series chemical process pumps comply with ASME/ANSI B73.1M standard. With a maximum capacities of 7000GPM, maximum head of 730 feet, temperatures to 150°C and pressures to 375PSIG, this series pumps are designed for total range of industry services. Besides extended pump life, its back pull-out design, external impeller adjustment and maximum interchangeability simplify the maintenance. Fully open impeller, full 50/60 Hz coverage and various sizes make hydraulic performance optimum. It is the best choice for chemical, petrochemical, pulp & paper, primary metals, food & beverage and general industries. Both bare shaft pump and pump package unit with base plate and motor are available. Various material constructions can be offered according to requirement.



Max capacity: 700 m3/h

Max head:150m

Max temperature:150 oC



-Renewable, high-efficiency performance over the life of the pump with the reverse vane impeller

-Optimal, predictable seal chamber pressures that are re-established after every impeller setting

-Maximal mechanical seal life due to an ideal seal environment

-Fast and accurate impeller setting with the industry’s most innovative external impeller adjustment mechanism

-In-shop reverse vane impeller adjustment with the only pump that takes full advantage of the back pull-out design


Advantage in sturcture

-Latyrinth seals as standard

-Extra large oil sump capacity

-Continuous performance 

-Heave duty shaft and bearings

-Fully open impeller

-Sealing flexibility

-Extra casing thickness class 150 pumps feature class 300 wall thickness as standard

  incresed reliability and maximized casing life

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