IP65 big power pump VFD

Model : #PDES-IP65

Brand : Aikon

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1.The motor is mainly used to control the pump, adjust the input voltage and frequency according to the actual needs of the motor, and has a variety of protection functions, such as over-current, over-voltage, overload protection, etc. In addition to the basic functions, there are other reasons that may require the use of frequency converters on pumps: Soft start/stop to protect the pipeline from water hammer;
2. Save energy / cost /labour;
3. Avoid expensive maintenance and downtime Providing the highest efficiency;
4. We have a large number of inverter inventory, which is used for product sales and urgent failure, providing customers with the best pre-sales and after-sales experience

  • For water-supply system special use
  • Embed PID controller
  • Protection Grade:IP65
  • Pressure /temperature differential calculated
  • 4 relay outputs, possible to realize a multi-drive system with a level resource generation and change of the lead pump(up to 4 pumps in a pump station)
  • Control of pumps/fans up to 1000kW
  • Soft start/stop,instant motor protection
  • Remote control, easy monitoring,more convenient and intelligent overall solution power
  • Main operation panel can be disassembled with lead,easy plug and play to control.



3 phase 220V input

3 phase 220V output


3 phase 380V input

3 phase 380V output


v POWERFUL FUNCTION-IP65 High protection. Allows Motor terminal box mounted, as well as in rooms with high humidity,Power Range:220v:0.75-2.2kw,380V:0.75-30kw.Input phase: 1 phase, Output phase: 3 phase.

v LOW-NOISE OPERATION】-The phase converter features low noise and low electromagnetic interference, through the optimization of PWM control technology and electromagnetic compatibility of the overall design. There is enough space for heat dissipation between electronic components, and the shell adopts porous heat dissipation, which has a longer service life.

v SMART DIGITAL DISPLAY】-Adopting user-friendly keyboard design & reasonable layout, easy to operate; digital display, intuitive and clear. The detachable design is convenient for remote control.

v MULTIPLE PROTECTION-Take advantage of various protection ways such as overload protection, fuse protection, over-voltage (DC voltage>400V), or under-voltage (DC voltage<200V) protection, restart protection, stall protection, short-circuit protection and over-heat protection.

v VERSATILE USE-Special software design for pump station,communication without external controller.The main application area involves pumps,spindle motor, CNC engraving machine, CNC milling machine, CNC machine tool, milling machine, drilling machine, trimming machine, mixer, extruder, slitting machine, rewinder, compressor, ventilator, grinder, conveyor,centrifuges, etc.

v HAND MODE】-No stop supplying water when urgent sensor failure (in relay mode),so that get more time to handle trouble.


Note: IP20 is also available,please click here.

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