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Model : FS-1

Brand : Aikon

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FS-1( water level control switch) In the sewage or rain water pump station, it is often mixed with a large number of solid impurities, long fiber solid waste, traditional float switch, cable may be entangled by solid waste, resulting in sensor stuck, failure, will cause the long-term operation of the pump does not stop, or does not run, unable to discharge the medium in time, the pump station does not work, increase a lot of maintenance work, have an impact on the life of the pump Sound, FS-1 unique sensor design, to avoid a series of problems caused by cable winding, sensor operation is stable, is the best choice for sewage pumping station.


1.FS-1 can be used to control the pump,valve and alarm.

2.Applied to various kinds of liquid (non-corrosive, high temperature, light density or turbulence)

3.Special designed multi layers structure proves the inner chamber very well sealed, gives safe and reliable protection for inside mechanism

4.ABS body, rubber cable,Omron switch,environmental friendly, even for daily life water

5.The ball shape has no any edges, is particularly suitable for sewage water

6.Intelligent float switch with high stability and durability of more than 3000,000 operations



Switch angle: ±40° (±5°)

Cable type and approvals:CPE(Rubber)Cable

Operating temperature: 0~60°C

Storage temperature: -20~80°C

Weight: float: 300g; counter weight: 500g; cable: 100g/m(CPE), 70g/m (PVC)

Materials: ABS

Protection: IP68

Max working pressure: 1.2 bar (12m water depth)

Why to chose FS-1 instead of Traditional float switch?

Traditional floating switch cable may be entangled with solid waste, resulting in sensor function failure.It will affect the long-term operation of the pump not stop, or not run, cannot discharge in time, or the pump station does not work and increase a lot of maintenance work,so that have an impact on the service life of the pump.

More Informaiton

Sewage water pump station float switch and controller work principle.pdf

Sewage water pump station switch and controller work principle.video


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