#Pressure sensor

Model : SP-100

Brand : Aikon

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Pt-506 pressure transmitter is a product developed by our company according to the needs of water treatment industry. It is widely used in the fields of variable frequency pump, complete set of water supply and air conditioning equipment. Professional water hammer impact, good electrical performance and long-term, making it the first choice of similar industries, and can directly replace a variety of similar imported products.


Advanced sensor core, high cost performance; a variety of pressure range and electrical output; compact structure, low cost; good electrical performance; excellent waterproof hammer design; good long-term stability.

Technical parameters:

Range: 0 ~ 2.5MPa, comprehensive accuracy: 0.5%

Output signal: 4 ~ 20mA (two wire system)

Overload pressure: twice working temperature: - 40 ~ 125

Power supply voltage: 24 V DC

Process connection: G1 / 4

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