#Temperature sensor

Model : st-209

Brand : Aikon

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St-209 temperature transmitter adopts a simple packaged temperature detector. The resistance value of platinum (PT) varies with the change of temperature, and has good repeatability and stability. It is basically linear. According to this characteristic, according to iec751 international standard PT100 and PT1000, platinum resistance is designed to measure temperature. It is compact and easy to install. This product is especially suitable for a large range of use, with good stability, wide temperature range, service life of more than 10 million times, widely used in various fields.


Compact structure, convenient and reliable; display meter can be disassembled (according to user needs to choose with or without); adapt to high temperature environment; good long-term stability.

Range: - 50 ~ 250

Comprehensive accuracy: ± 1.5

Output signal: 4 20mA

Working voltage: 24 VDC (10 ~ 36 VDC)

Electrical connection: hesman connector

Process connection: G1 / 4, 1 / 4NPT, R1 / 4 connection mode

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