Multi-function VFD Control Panel

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The frequency converter control panel (VFD electric control panel / electrical control panel) can widely use in metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, water supply, mine, building material, electrical motor industry, such as pumps, fans, air compressor, rolling mill, injection molding machine, conveyer belt and other machinery and equipments.


1.The power switch and protection frequency inverter cabinet l are equipped with low-voltage MCCB which is connected to the power line, in addition to complete and disconnect the circuit, can protect the circuit and VFD short circuit and overload protection . can cut off the power during maintenance .


2.Start and Control function . on the front door of the panel set the inverter start pushbutton .inverter stop pushbutton for the inverter operation control .easy for on-site operation .


3. Frequency (speed) adjustment :
adjust the setting frequency and potentiometer on the front panel, It can easily and convenient to adjust the output frequency of the VFD manually .to control the motor speed.

4. Meters display on the front door of the panel . install the voltmeter,Ammeter,frequency meter and different kinds of indicators .Such as power indication,alarm indication, running indication, working frequency , inverter input voltage, inverter output current, inverter output frequency and monitoring of different working status .

5. Spare working frequency switching . the user can select the inverter cabinet with spare use working frequency switch . when the inverter get failure . can make the motor switch to working frequency power supply according to the automatic control circuit .(you can select manual /automatic mode, When the working frequency start device is more than 15kW . you can use soft starter to realize this function).

6. A variety of control function. According to the system working .it can set a variety of control buttons and indicators on the front door of the panel .such as Forward,Reverse , Motor increase the speed , motor reduce the speed , Jog forward , Jog reverse, manual/automatic, Emergency stop, variable frequency/working frequency ,PLC control, Touch screen .

7. According to the needs of the operating conditions, we can install AC input reactor, output reactor, DC reactor, EMI filter, braking unit, breaking resistor, contactor, intermediate relay, thermal relay, PLC, HMI , Electricity meter , cooling fan and ect inside the control cabinet .

8. Safety protection .Install the VFD in the frequency control panel, can reduce environmental pollution, reduce the risk of electric shock, will have better protective effect.

9. Neat and beautiful appearance. install the VFD in the frequency control panel, have the same size with other low -voltage switchgear .the same color ,to maintain the power distribution facilities and control equipment coordination, neat, beautiful.

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